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Astrology Consultations

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the interactions and movements of the celestial bodies and how they effect our lives on Earth, individually and collectively. In tune with the theory that the universe is built on mathematical patterns, astrology is a mathematical language that allows us to see how the movement of the planets connects our human experiences, to the grander experience of the universe. The macrocosm meets the microcosm, this ancient language reads how we are all tied into the cycles of nature together.

As above, so below - As within, so without.

evolutionary astrology, buddhism & yoga philosophy

There are many different ways to use astrology.

Evolutionary Astrology works on the concept of reincarnation. Using the nodal points we are able to explore where the soul has been in past lives, what skills you have brought through to this life and what is your comfort zone that will no longer serve you in this life? The nodal axis will also tell us what is brand new to the soul and where it needs to evolve to grow within this lifetime. Drawing on my knowledge and understanding of Astrology, Buddhism, Yoga, Karma and the Chakra system, my consultations are delivered in the evolutionary style.

Relationship Astrology

Relationship astrology is an enlightening way to understand the ups, downs, challenges and growth points that can be triggered between two people. What are the needs and desires of each planet’s placement within an individual’s natal chart and what are the lessons and gifts of two people’s charts when they come together? Self-study is the greatest form of study that you can do. To find compassion and understanding for yourself, breeds unconditional love for your human experience. When this is also applied to a loved one, new levels of understanding, compassion and relating can be found. Diving into relationship astrology is a beautiful way to deepen the bond between two people.  


Natal/Birth Charts

A natal or birth chart is a snap shot taken of the sky, creating a map of where all the planets were at the time of your first breath. We use the first breath, as this marks your first moment on Earth as an individual being. Taking into consideration where all planets, asteroids and mathematical points were at the time of your birth creates a map of potential for your incarnation on Earth. With this map we can discover what is your soul’s purpose, direction of evolution and key karmic lessons. Why are you here? What makes you tick and how can you get the most out of yourself? The ultimate map of self-study that is completely tailored to you and will not repeat for another 26,000 years. In sharing this information, I hope to shed light on your inner being and allow you to understand your unconscious traits, bringing them to the conscious mind and enabling awareness, choice and growth.


Transiting Astrology

Transiting astrology is a technique used to understand how the current planets are affecting and triggering you, via your natal chart. As the planet’s movements are predictable, we can do this for any point in time. This allows us to understand how you are progressing in cycles of growth for all different areas of life. We can see if there are any major challenges for you and what are the key lessons and opportunities of growth behind each aspect. This is a perfect opportunity to understand why certain things may be happening to us and evening peering into when it may or may not be a good time to act on certain things. Transiting astrology allows us to zoom out from our human experiences and take a look at the bigger picture and gain new perspective.

Transiting astrology can also be used to give insight on energies that are affecting the collective, such as in my lunar update emails. Be sure not to miss out, subscribe below!