Schedule Appointment

To schedule an appointment with me, please email me the type of consultation and your availability for the desired week of booking -

Consultations are conducted over Zoom. Face-to-face options are available for the people of Melbourne.

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what to expect

  • Consultations are available for 1 hour or half hour blocks.

  • I encourage you to audio record the session and bring a notepad and pen to take notes.

  • I like consultations to be a “dialogue of discovery”. The planets read potentials, our time together becomes valuable for both of us if you are open to sharing how potentials have expressed in your life.

    This allows me to relate the information to your life and give more relevant guidance.

  • Due to the sensitive information explored within consultations, they are strictly one-on-one, unless prearranged with me or a relationship reading.

  • Consultations will prompt deep self-reflection.