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Astrology - A balance between science and spirituality

Cultures around the globe agree, that the key to harmony, wisdom and growth is balance. If science is the masculine-yang aspect, then spirituality is the feminine-yin. I believe that in life, both should be regarded with the same amount of respect and importance. Astrology is a mathematical language based on thousands of years of observational evidence. It reads the dance and relationships between the planets, and mirrors them to Earthly affairs. Undoubtedly divine, astrology is a tool of yin and yang, shedding light on life’s deeper meanings.

We are all connected.


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My birth chart and astrological guidance sessions with Alaine have been expanding, spot on and given me great insight into myself. Due to her intuitive nature and in-depth knowledge the sessions flowed organically, allowing things to unfurl. She truly possesses the energy of a woman wise beyond her years. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who will listen, and I recommend her to you too.
— Laura Usher, photographer, healer and creator of la.loba herbalism
Alaine’s astrology readings and guidance are really beautiful soul journeys that take you on an exposition home to knowing yourself more deeply. The way in which Alaine articulates her guidance makes it really easy to understand and absorb the information she shares. Her knowledge of the cosmos and planets is incredible. It’s like she has been doing this work for lifetimes. I highly recommend taking a cosmic journey and having an astrology reading with Alaine.
— Sigourney Belle Weldon, Creator of Wild Grace, healer

About Alaine Simone

Alaine Simone is a Melbourne based Astrologer, Yoga teacher, energy worker and creative.

Since a young age, Alaine has had curiosity for philosophy, spirituality, nature and the human experience. Astrology has become an invaluable tool for deep knowing and understanding, of the patterns within nature and life. Astrology is the language of connection between all things.

Alaine completed her Yoga teacher training in India and incorporates her knowledge and understanding of Yoga, Buddhism, chakras and karma into her readings and teachings. She is considered an evolutionary astrologer and her teachings of yoga are deeply rooted in traditional Hatha. 

Alaine writes about astrology and spirituality regularly. Follow her on: